Micromega M-One M-100 Universal Integrated Amplifier

M-100 is the first item in the new Micromega range. It benefits from the latest advances in digital technology whilst still retaining all the advantages of analogue (Class A/B) audio. A range of integrated amplifiers and separate components with unequaled connectivity, the M-One series is currently available in two revolutionary models: the M-100 and the M-150.

The M-150 differs from the M-100 with the addition of a Power Correction Function (PCF) and the doubling of the audio amplifier components, which significantly improve the power delivery; respectively 2 X 150W at 8 ohms ( 2 X 300W at 4 ohms) so the M-100 delivers 2 X 100W at 8 ohms (2 X 200W at 4 ohms). The M-One series is made from a single machined aluminum block and can be used in different positions as the direction of the two displays alters according to the position of the device. The device can be attached to a wall or placed horizontally on a piece of furniture. However the de- vice is placed the display adapts to suit the user.

Another addition to improve user comfort is the size of the icons and letters, which can be changed with the remote control. This means that the user will always be able to read the display whether they are close to or further away from the device.

NOTE: Other colour finishes attracts higher cost, please contact us for more details.

Amplifier size:

Width : 430 mm

Depth : 350 mm

Height (with spikes) : 56 mm


Amplifier weight

Net weight : 9,3 kg

Gross weight : 11 kg


Packaging (overbox)

Width : 735 mm Depth : 600 mm Height : 150 mm

Packaging (box) Width : 685 mm Depth : 542 mm Height : 85 mm


Power Consumption

Standby : 1W

2 channels -1/8 Pmax under 8 Ohms : 185W


Rated output power

PRMS under 8 Ohms : 2*150W

PRMS under 4 Ohms : 2*300W


Signal to noise ratio

Digital input : 107 dB(A)

Balanced analog input : 103 dB(A)

Unbalanced analog input : 100 dB(A)

Phono MM input : Higher than 75 dB(A)