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The CD2000 MkIII CD transport

Oracle analogue and digital products have always been designed and built as “musical instruments” that can stand the test of time. It is our belief that achieving simplicity in design is a combination of knowledge and common sense. A properly designed device creates its own form; one that reflects the beauty of its function. True artistry combines these elements by means of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Many of the problems that affect the accurate reproduction of recorded music derive from unwanted internal or external vibration. To address this issue the CD2000 MkIII uses a massive aluminum floating chassis and a Delrin decoupling system of the cd drive. Furthermore, our unique suspension and disc clamping systems originally used in our analog turntables, have been adapted for use in our “State of the Art” CD Players.

The CD2000 MkIII had the power supply stage totally redesigned. There is better realism, more dynamics and we are closer to a true analog-like sound than ever!


Solid State Chassis Brushed Aluminum with a Clear Lacquer Coating

CD Laser Mechanism:  Philips CD PRO 2LF

CD 2000 Mk III Output Interface:

BNC SP/DIF Digital Audio Signal, XLR, AES/EBU, ST (AT&T) Optical Audio Signal

Single Ended SP/DIF, Digital Audio Signal Format: BNC

Load Impedance: 75 Ohms

Output Impedance: 75 Ohms

Output Level: 0.5 Volts, peak to peak @ 75 Ohms

AES/EBU Digital Audio Signal

Format: XLR

Load Impedance: 110 Ohms

Output Impedance: 110 Ohms

Output Level: 4 Volts, peak to peak @ 110 Ohms

Toslink Optical Audio Signal Nominal Wavelength: 650nm

Power Consumption:

CD 2000 Mk III Transport: 13W

Power Supply Transformer 800VA AC

Power Requirements 100 / 117 / 220 (230) / 240V, 50Hz or 60Hz

Removable Power Cord Included

Remote Control Included

Outboard Power Supply Included

Overall Dimensions (WHD) 425 x 150 x 363 mm, ( 17 x 6 X 14.5 inches ) weight 16 kilograms / 35,2 pounds