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AURALiC Aries S1 review – One of AURALiC’s best!

David Price samples this intriguing new purpose-designed network music player and comes away highly impressed…

‘For me, the new Aries S1 is one of Auralic’s best-ever products – and that’s really saying something. It unlocks a world of seriously high-quality streaming at a relatively affordable price and does so with the élan you would expect from this brand. For those already with a DAC that they know and love, it’s a no-brainer. Operationally smooth, beautifully built and very well engineered, if you’re looking for a serious streamer, then it’s hard to think of a reason not to audition one.’

In the realm of Auralic’s streaming products, the new Aries S1 streamer and its DAC counterpart, the Vega S1, introduce a refined design language, hinting at the company’s future direction. The compact, elegantly crafted units prioritize functionality over embellishment, targeting audiophiles who already possess high-quality DACs. The Aries S1, functioning as a network bridge, seamlessly integrates with Auralic’s Lightning DS platform, offering reliable hardware and app support. With a focus on sound quality, it omits unnecessary features, aligning with Auralic’s commitment to sonic excellence. Internally, it inherits advanced technologies from the company’s flagship models, ensuring exceptional performance. Despite minor limitations like Android device compatibility, the Aries S1 impresses with its seamless setup and outstanding sound reproduction, elevating the listening experience across various music genres. Optional enhancements like the PSU S1 power supply further refine its sonic capabilities, making it a compelling choice for discerning audiophiles seeking top-tier streaming performance at its price point.

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