Audia Flight

Audia Flight designs and manufactures in Italy the finest high quality home audio components. In 1997 Audia Flight brought to market the first version of our Flight 100 power amplifier.
With its unique heatsink design and remarkable performance, the Flight 100 was well-received by the audiophile press and consumers. Soon thereafter
Audia Flight introduced our Flight Pre and Flight 50 power amplifier to similar acclaim. The Flight Pre especially turned heads with its sophisticated
multiple section cabinet design. The Flight Pre also featured another Audia Flight hallmark: a constant impedance volume attenuator for accurate frequency
response at all volumes. The creations, one could say, are a summary of the Italian culture: art and handicraft. Art, as the way that it conveys emotions and, handicraft,
such as the ability to create beautiful objects. The sound, the “soul” of our products, then, is a mirror of our culture not only with its high tech
research, but also of our culture and lives in Italy as well.

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