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AURALiC VEGA G2.1 Wins Editor’s Choice Award

Hot off the press, AURALiC’s Vega G2.1 wins Editor’s Choice award from HiFi choice!

David Price from Hifi Choice Magazine writes –

‘ With its precise, cultured feel to the way it goes about making music, the Vega G2.1 sounds closer to DACs at twice the price than it does to those at half. Less of a lowly DAC preamp and more of musical Swiss army knife, Auralic’s Vega G2.1 is seriously classy product. It does an awful lot very well indeed and offers a painless upgrade route out from the £2,500 DACs that many folk run – all the way up to the high-end where five-figure sums tend to change hands. It does so much so very well that it offers up seriously stiff competition for those, mostly British companies who have made this section of the market their own. As such, an audition is strongly recommended if you’re in the market for updating your system ‘

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