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Estelon AURA Loudspeakers review by Soundstage Australia

Edgar Kramer from Soundstage Australia first experience with Estelon’s AURA speakers begins with their memorable encounter at High End Munich 2023, where the speakers impressed with their enveloping soundfield and striking design.

The AURA speakers boast a distinct design with a curved front baffle housing top-notch Scan-Speak tweeters and SB Acoustics mid-bass drivers, complemented by a down-firing woofer for enhanced low frequencies. Their meticulously designed crossover network and reinforced cabinet made from a proprietary composite material ensure optimal signal transmission and minimal resonance. Reviewers highlight their exceptional spatial reproduction, delivering a vast soundstage with natural imaging across various genres. Despite their slim profile, the speakers exhibit satisfying bass response with tightness and nuance. Vocal presentation is slightly laid-back, enhancing depth and image placement, while balanced and detailed treble provides smooth nuances and fast transients. Praised for their artistic design and technical prowess, the AURA speakers excel in spatial performance and musical impact, solidifying Estelon’s reputation for engineering and design excellence.

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