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MG-1 MKII – The Ears Top Hi-Fi Picks of 2023

MG-1 MKII, Imperium, Mystic and PHONO-1 MKII L, have been selected as part of The Ear’s top hi-fi products of 2023! Here’s what they had to say… 

“2023 saw the third visit of the excellent Vertere MG1 to my system, but this time with significant upgrade in the shape of the Imperium motor drive unit and the Phono1 MkII phono stage set up to get the best out of Vertere’s own Mystic moving coil cartridge. The only word to describe to the sound from this record player is epic. In this instance it makes perfect sense to entrust the whole business of extracting the maximum amount of musical information from one’s precious vinyl to Vertere founder Touraj Moggadham’s extraordinary skill as an audio system designer. This is a phenomenal vinyl replay system.”

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