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The Mile Stone Model for each audio file. The “A2110”, a 2-core shielded cable that can be said to be a de facto world reference, has been steadily evolving and has finally advanced to the 4th generation, Leggenda. The unmistakable fact that signals pass through conductors, the pursuit of their dignity is an unchanging top priority. Purity 99.99999% = 7N with seven 9s lined up. Acrolink’s unique stress-free processing that self-restores the crystal state even when bending during wiring realizes maintenance of purity and crystal structure for a long period of time. We have generously introduced high-quality sound know-how from the 6N era, and carefully finished the cable to be “substantially usable” that will show its true value even if the grade of audio equipment goes up. The high end starts here. As the system develops and grows in scale, it is inevitable that cables will cross and contact each other, and that analog and digital devices will coexist, and that various types and levels of noise will inevitably occur. The situation starts at a simple level. Foreseeing this “unavoidable”, Acrolink has been working on various measures from the very beginning, such as the introduction of noise beat tape that does not require a ferrite core, ahead of other companies. It stands at the coordinates that transmit a clear and clear signal. That is today’s Acrolink.

Wire DUCC Stressfree 7N Cu, diameter 0.18 mm x 34, conductor diameter 1.2 mm is molded with a core wire with a diameter of 2.2 mm using an insulator layer of polyethylene (hot = white) and polyolefin (cold = black). This is fixed by a sheath inside a soft polyolefin. Copper foil tape and 4N5-OFC are double-wound horizontally to form a triple shield layer, preventing noise from entering from the outside. Furthermore, paper tape is wrapped to reduce the electrostatic level and realize the original performance and sound quality of the 2-core shield type = high speed, wide range and high dynamic sound. In addition, the RCA pin plug is a new original part of Acrolink. The cover is made of aluminum and carbon fiber with different vibration modes, and the thickness is increased to minimize unnecessary vibration. Tiruru copper, which has excellent transmission characteristics, is used for the center pin in this class. The hollow pipe structure and direct rhodium plating further enhance the transmission characteristics. In addition, a protective cover was created for the first time on the cold side. The XLR connector is made by Neutrik, which has a solid track record and reliability. Both male and female contact pins are made of high-quality brass with no base and direct gold plating. The zinc die-cast case is thick and super heavy, suppresses unnecessary vibration, and contributes to the reduction of microphonic noise. Combined with the cable body, low distortion and expansion of the flat area up to a dozen gigahertz outside the audible band bring about an essential improvement in sound quality.

D.U.C.C stands for Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper which is specifically developed copper wire for high-end audio cables. D.U.C.C has controlled crystal structure and the minimized transmission loss. Patent technology and registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Materials LTD.

Cable diameter:8.0mm
Conductor:7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.18mm x 34 strands x 2 cores (AWG 18)
Insulation:Polyethylene resin (Positive side), Polyolefin resin (Negative side)
Inner sleeve:Polyolefin resin
Shielding:Copper foil tape + Double layered 4N5 OFC (Horizontally winded)
Outer sleeve:UV resistant Polyurethane resin
Conductor resistance:28mΩ/m
Electrostatic capacitance:59pF/m

RCA Specifications

Center contact pin:Hollow shaped Tellurium copper
Negative side contact part:Deoxidized Phosphor copper
Plating:Rhodium plating
Cover:Aluminum + Carbon fiber

XLR Specifications

Contact parts:Brass
Cover:Die-cast Zinc
Standard length of 7N-A2110 Leggenda RCA are 0.6m · 1.0m · 1.5m.
Standard length of 7N-A2110 Leggenda XLR are 1.0m · 1.5m.
Special length order available.
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