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The world’s highest level of material development capabilities, precision processing technology, verification technology, high-precision mass production technology, and a number of peripheral technologies that support them, which can only be made in Japan. And know-how to collect cutting-edge technical information. The history of audio cables as components began when Acrotech, the predecessor of Acrolink, commercialized high-purity Cu, which was born as a wiring material for connecting LSI wafers and terminals, as an audio cable in 1987. It was the realization of a close link between artists and listeners. Acrolink 7NCu is an ultra-pure copper that guarantees Seven Nine = purity of 99.99999% or more, not 0.00001% or less of all impurities (excluding ○○). In addition, Acrolink, which has pursued only the ability to transmit from the fundamental area of ​​sound to the moment when the sound disappears beyond the hall for a long time by original stress-free processing, has brushed up everything again. Exquisite “wire diameter 0.” which should be called acrolink balance. “26φ x 19” is twisted in the opposite direction with high density and optimum tension while coating with squalane oil, and coated with high-purity polyolefin. The inner sheath is formed of high-performance polyolefin mixed with amorphous powder that strengthens static electricity removal with silk threads between the wires and suppresses unnecessary vibration. Furthermore, a double shield layer is formed on the outside by copper foil tape and UEW + silver-plated annealed copper wire braid. The outermost circumference is finished with UV resistant polyurethane. In addition, the contact = terminal is the biggest factor that hinders the performance of the transmission system, but the tradition of Acrolink = the original terminal is installed. The RCA terminal inherits the previous work 7N-A2400Ⅲ. Tellurium copper, which does not contain iron components and has excellent strength and sound quality, is machined from solid wood, and the center pin maintains an ultra-wide range transmission as a pipe-shaped hollow structure. The same applies to the elimination of external noise while the aluminum and carbon fiber terminal covers disperse the resonance mode. As for the XLR terminal, we decided to introduce the upper terminal mounted on the 8N-A2080 Performante. High-quality direct rhodium-plated high-quality tellurium copper (male) and beryllium copper (female) are used. The body is made of brass + carbon fiber and is a high-precision, high-quality connector unique to Acrolink, which is extremely robust. A new sound Leggenda = legend was born by inheritance and vivid collaboration of advanced materials.

7N DUCC Cu : Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper is a high-purity copper conductor for audio cables developed by Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd., which grows crystal grains to several tens of times larger than general pure copper and aligns the direction of the crystal lattice. It is a material. The larger the crystal grain, the smaller the grain boundary (boundary surface between crystals), which has a great advantage in sound quality, but metal crystals have directionality and it was necessary to align them as well. The direction can be observed by the analysis phenomenon by X-ray irradiation, but by optimizing the manufacturing process such as bus line, wire drawing process, annealing (annealing), “optimal direction for audio signal transmission” is provided. An extremely good wire rod was completed.

Original stress-free 7NCu : Acrolink ‘s stress-free products use a unique special annealing treatment and high-purity copper properties to restore the tissue to a healthy state by self-annealing unless the external stress is too high. But it’s the only cable. At the time of heat treatment after wire drawing, the atomic arrangement transition is on the order of 1/1 billion compared to ordinary 4N copper, and the number of crystal grains is 1/80 to 1/100. Furthermore, the flow of electric current promotes the aging = self-annealing environment, reduces residual strain, restores the structure soundly, and improves the sound quality.

Conductor:7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.26ø x 19 strands x2 cores
Insulation:High molecular Polyolefin resin
Inner sleeve:High molecular Polyolefin resin with amorphous powder
Shielding:Copper foil tape + sliver plated copper wire + black UEW
Outer sleeve:Anti UV Polyurethane
Conductor resistance:17 mΩ/m
Electrostatic capacitance:69 pF/m
Cable diameter:10.0mm

RCA Connector Specifications

Center contact pin:Hollow shaped Tellurium copper
Outer contact parts:Beryllium copper
Cover:Aluminum + Carbon fiber

XLR Connector Specifications

Male contact pins:Hpllow shaped Tellumrium copper
Female contact pins:Beryllium copper
Plating for contact pins:Rhodium
Outer body:Brass + carbon fiber

UEW stands for Urethane Enameled Wire.
Standard length of 7N-A2400 Leggenda series are 1.0m and 1.5m.
Spacial length order available.

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