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The Acrolink invariant philosophy is “endless purification”. Not surprisingly, any current or signal passes through a conductor. So to speak, Kihonki. The important thing is “beyond”. The environment of audio cables exposed indoors is harsh due to external bending force, high-density wiring between cables, and new noise components in the digital age. The power cable that clears it and realizes the transmission of pure power supply current is also the key to the audio system. Acrolink 7NCu wire with less than 1 / 100,000 impurities without exception = 18 wires with a diameter of 0.37 mm, twisted under appropriate tension while applying squalane oil, coated with the best polyolefin as an insulator, 4N with the same structure A non-magnetic thread that absorbs electromagnetic waves and a silk thread are placed in the center together with the ground wire of the conductor to form a 3-core structure, and the intervening layer is formed of polyolefin that is a mixture of tungsten and amorphous. Furthermore, the cable body is finished with high quality lead-free PVC, which is completely shielded with copper foil tape that is not “net”. Rather than using both cold and earth as a single core wire, each has a dedicated structure that realizes a clearer sound image over the full range, high-resolution reproduction of the low frequencies that form the basis of music, and a rich sound that spreads in three dimensions. I am.

Original acrolink stress-free processing: Acrolink’s stress-free products have realized that the structure can be restored to a healthy state by self-annealing phenomenon unless the external force is too large due to the unique special annealing treatment and the characteristics of high-purity copper. It is the only cable in the world. At the time of heat treatment after wire drawing, the atomic arrangement transition is on the order of 1/1 billion compared to ordinary 4N copper, and the number of crystal grains is 1/80 to 1/100. Furthermore, the flow of electric current promotes aging = self-annealing, reduces residual strain, restores the tissue to a healthy state, and improves sound quality.

7N Cu DUCC: Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper is a high-purity copper conductor for audio made of a material that grows crystal grains to several tens of times larger than general pure copper and has the same direction of crystal lattice. The larger the crystal grain, the smaller the grain boundary (border surface between crystals), and the sound quality is dramatically improved. In addition, regarding the direction of the crystal, the direction is observed by the analysis phenomenon by X-ray irradiation, and the manufacturing process is optimized. The synergistic effect of DUCC x acrolink and stress-free makes it an extremely excellent wire rod with an unparalleled “optimal direction for power supply current transmission”.

Plug / Connector: Equipped with Oyaide Denki power plug and IEC connector with Acrolink custom finish. The blade is made of beryllium copper, which is currently considered to have the best sound quality, and is mirror-finished twice to improve smoothness and widen the contact area, and is finished with a wall thickness of 1.5μ silver plating + 0.3μ rhodium plating. Furthermore, the chassis uses a high-rigidity, high-density engineering plastic PBT containing glass fiber. The cover is made of thick polycarbonate with excellent strength and hardness. It is a high-performance part with a high attenuation rate of weak vibration and minimal distortion due to its high rigidity. Hold performance is enhanced by the 3P terminal structure and tough body construction.

Conductor:7N Cu D.U.C.C. Stressfreex2(0.37×18 strands)
4N Cu for ground(0.37×18 strands)
Single Conductor size:1.93 Sq(AWG 14)
Insulation material:High molecular Polyolefin Resin (Black & White & Green)
1st Inner sleeve:High molecular Polyolefin + tungsten + amorphous + carbon powder
2nd Inner sleeve:Polyolefin with Resonance control powder
Shielding:Copper foil with drain wire
Outer sleeve:Lead free Polyvinyl Chloride
Conductor resistance:7.0mΩ/m
Cable diameter:12.6mm

Power plug & IEC connector

Contact parts:Beryllium copper
Plating:Silver layered rhodium(Polished before plating)
Body:Poly Butylene Terephtalate with glass fiber
Outer case:Polycarbonate

7N-PC4020 Leggenda Standard length is 1.5m. Special length order is available.

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