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It can be said that all pure audio class cable conductors have extremely high enough transmission “speed”. However, it is also true that all of them give different results. It tells us that it’s not just about “speed.” Even with the same material, there are an infinite number of combinations of thickness and number, from single wires to dozens of stranded wires. Furthermore, the elements of the material and method of the sheath and shield have been added, and in addition, all products of Acrolink are equipped with original terminals instead of off-the-shelf products. Of course, we will repeat the audition in all of those development processes. I listen to music. For example, in Beethoven’s “sound”, which will be 250 years old in 2020, what kind of sound should never be lost and what kind of sound should be secured? The difference in views results in a change in sound.

[Conductor] Acrolink original = 7N Cu DUCC Stress free, which has reached unprecedented height with extremely large crystal grains and aligned directions. Inheriting the 7N-PC4030 Anniversario, which realized a new acrolink golden ratio of wire diameter and architecture to bring out the performance of high-end components. Hot / cold (7NCu) and earth (4NCu) are all wire diameter 0.37φ x 50. Apply squalane oil to each wire. A more powerful sense of reality from the mid-range to the ultra-low range. Clear and voluminous support for the pitch of the cello and contrabass, which is the first of all songs to play the melody completed by searching for the ninth “song of delight”. The transparency over the entire band is further improved. And the linear space expansion of the reverberation component that spreads in three dimensions, the resolution at a minute level, and the descriptive power have greatly evolved.

[Shield] The noise environment of audio equipment has changed completely in the digital age. Quality and quantity of noise is generated due to digital circuits that did not exist in the analog era. Unprecedented measures were needed. Acrolink, which has been tackling this problem from early on, has positioned the need for a power cable shield as the second theme along with measures against vibration. Electromagnetic wave absorption non-magnetic thread and silk thread are installed in the center of the three conductors. A shield layer made of tape (copper foil) that can form a “face” instead of a “net” is installed on the outer circumference of the inner sheath. It completely prevents the intrusion of external noise. The copper foil tape and drain wire are grounded to the ground of the plug, and the electric field shielding effect is established to supply extremely clean power to the equipment.

[Material] A major feature of the Acrolink audio cable is that it consistently uses polyolefin resin, which has excellent insulation and vibration characteristics, as the sheath material. Polyolefin resin is used for the insulator that first coats the conductor with the tension angle properly twisted. Furthermore, a polyolefin material in which fine granular tungsten powder and amorphous powder are kneaded with an appropriate mixing ratio determined by many prototypes for the purpose of blocking own vibration generated during transmission and vibration from the outside. An intervening layer is formed to fix the conductor. Furthermore, an inner sheath based on polyolefin, which is a mixture of a special material with a damping effect, is formed on the outer circumference of the intervening layer. The copper foil seal layer wrapped around the inner sheath is double-thick coated with lead-free high-quality PVC to form the outermost sheath, achieving a further vibration suppression effect. Its surface is smooth and the glossy white pearl finish symbolizes the dignity of high-end cables.

[Plugs and connectors] No matter how much the cable body evolves, the ideal cannot be achieved unless the deterioration of sound quality at the contacts is minimized. Original production of plugs and connectors is essential. Acrolink specification plugs and connectors are specially ordered for Oyaide Electric, which can find many common points in the direction of research and development, beryllium copper with extremely high conductivity is used for the blade, and rhodium plating as thick as possible after base silver plating. It is finished. And the housing is made of polycarbonate, which has excellent damping characteristics and is particularly robust. Achieves quality comparable to the completeness of the cable body.

Original acrolink stress-free processing: Acrolink’s stress-free products have realized that the structure can be restored to a healthy state by self-annealing phenomenon unless the external force is too large due to the unique special annealing treatment and the characteristics of high-purity copper. It is the only cable in the world. At the time of heat treatment after wire drawing, the atomic arrangement transition is on the order of 1/1 billion compared to ordinary 4N copper, and the number of crystal grains is 1/80 to 1/100. Furthermore, the flow of electric current promotes aging = self-annealing, reduces residual strain, restores the tissue to a healthy state, and improves sound quality.

7N Cu DUCC: Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper is a high-purity copper conductor for audio made of a material that grows crystal grains to several tens of times larger than general pure copper and has the same direction of crystal lattice. The larger the crystal grain, the smaller the grain boundary (border surface between crystals), and the sound quality is dramatically improved. In addition, regarding the direction of the crystal, the direction is observed by the analysis phenomenon by X-ray irradiation, and the manufacturing process is optimized. The synergistic effect of DUCC x acrolink and stress-free makes it an extremely excellent wire rod with an unparalleled “optimal direction for power supply current transmission”.

Conductor:7N Cu D.U.C.C. Stressfreex2(0.37×50 strands)
4N Cu for groundx2(0.37×50 strands)
Single Conductor size:5.36 Sq(AWG 10)
Insulation material:High molecular Polyolefin Resin (Black & White & Green)
1st Inner sleeve:High molecular Polyolefin +tungsten+ amorphous+ carbon powder
2nd Inner sleeve:Polyolefin with Resonance control powder
Shielding:Copper foil with drain wire
Outer sleeve:Lead free Polyvinyl Chloride
Conductor resistance:2.8mΩ/m
Cable diameter:15.7mm

Power plug & IEC connector

Contact parts:Beryllium copper
Plating:Silver layered rhodium(Polished before plating)
Body:Poly Butylene Terephtalate with glass fiber
Outer case:Polycarbonate

7N-PC4030 Leggenda Standard length is 1.5m. Special length order is available.

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