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High purity stress-free 7N copper is used as raw conductor material. MEXCEL insulated strands were developed using the stress-free 7N copper for inner conductors and outer conductors and they are used for MEXCEL cables. MEXCEL is a new enameled wire developed by Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. and has a rectangular shaped cross section. In the past, it has been difficult to apply insulation film over four corners of a single wire, so round conductors have been used out of necessity. Mitsubishi, however, has developed the epoch-making MEDIS electro-deposited insulation system, which can be called an electro-plating of the insulating resin. Unlike round conductors, rectangular conductors eliminate space between wires when wound making it possible to manufacture high density, super high performance coils. Super high performance audio cables in the new ACROLINK MEXCEL series are developed jointly by the two companies making the best use of this technology. High density braided wires are used for signal conductors as well as shielded cables to realize super wide range audio cables.

This type of MEXCEL cable falls into a category called litz wires in the field of audio, the cross sections are rectangular and densely braided. The sum of the cross section areas of the strands made of rectangular wires is larger than the strands made of round wires and it suppresses high frequency response characteristic deterioration caused by the skin effect. By braiding rectangular MEXCEL insulated strands densely, the outer conductors suppress the radiation of signals to the outside. Using rectangular strands will make the surface area larger than round strands having the same cross section area, even transmission of signals throughout the cross section is possible and the skin effect is further suppressed.

In coaxial type cables, cables have threefold covered coaxial construction (one sheath and two shields made of different material) with perfect countermeasures for external noise caused by electromagnetic waves. In the shielded two conductor type, rectangular MEXCEL insulation strands made of high purity stress-free 7N copper are braided into both conductors and shields. In speaker cables, the semiconductor layer of insulation material suppresses both the generation of static electricity caused by friction of the insulation material when cables vibrate and the external noise of electromagnetic waves.

For insulation material, special resin, used in the space and defense equipment for its extremely low dielectric constant, is used. The resin is not frequency and temperature dependent, so signals do not deteriorate regardless of frequency band and ambient temperature.

High quality raw material, special polyurethane resin which no one has never thought of using it for sheath, coupled with precise construction design, high quality audio cables exceeding MIL specs by far have come to the world of audio. The new world of sound completely achieved thus will make recently increasing high-end audio equipment fully enjoyable and transmits information of new high density, large capacity media without loosing any.

Conductor:7N Stressfree D.U.C.C MEXCEL 0.32ø x 50 strands
Insulation:High molecular polyolefin
1st sleeve:Hybrid high molecular polyolefin
(Tungsten + amorphous + carbon powder)
2nd sleeve:High molecular polyolefin with resonance control powder
Shielding:Noise beat tape + Braided UEW
Outer sleeve:UV resistant polyurethane
Conductor resistance:2.0 mΩ/m
Electrostatic capacitance:10 pF/m
Cable diameter:16.0 mm

Connector Specifications

Contact parts:Beryllium copper
Plating:Silver layered rhodium (Polished before plating)
Chassis:Polybutyleneterephtalate with 30% glass fiber
Body:Resonance controlled resin + brass + carbon fiber + aluminum

Standard length is 1.5m. Special length order is available.
The male AC connector is available in UL and Schuko specifications.
20A IEC connector is also available.

UEW stands for Urethane Enameled Wire

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