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The seats in the concert hall are classified into S and A. The difference is remarkable when the seats next to each other are a little, but 10 seats away. It means that there is a difference of 1/10 each. Deepening audio is similar. Acrolink has also accumulated achievements and know-how step by step. It has achieved numerous “firsts in history” and has continued to be the global standard and reference cable for cables. When aiming for good sound and good music with audio, it is a very personal journey of thought. Even with the recent appearance of high-resolution sources, is the arrangement, height, left and right speakers vertical, and the angles are the same rather than changing amplifiers and speakers? A vast music space appears in the listening room only after such work. The decisive factor at that time is the cable. The unparalleled purity of copper is inevitable. Select the thickness and number of wires, their composition, the material and thickness of the sheath, the design of the shield, etc. for sound, and finish it as the best audio cable by repeating the audition. It’s already been over 30 years. But I never get tired of it. The ultimate sound sways like the driving groove of an Italian high-end sports car, giving you a sense of depth and deep tone reproduction of German lenses. Above all, it conveys passion and transmits every detail of music as a supreme tool that runs through space-time. New work “Legenda” (legend). It is the culmination of the know-how that we have cultivated so far, and the whole speaker cable was born with an eye on the “beyond” of perfect reproduction of high-resolution digital sound.

Acrolink core technology Stress-free processing
The world’s only Acrolink original stress-free processing that automatically restores the disorder of the molecular arrangement called distortion defects caused by external stress during the distribution process and audio system setup to a healthy state. In the production process, we have achieved an order of 1/1 billion compared to ordinary 4N copper, and the number of crystal grains is 1/80 to 1/100. Furthermore, the flow of current promotes the aging = self-annealing environment, reduces residual distortion, and improves sound quality.

7N DUCC® (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper)
It was Acrotech, the predecessor of Acrolink, that realized the world’s first 7N. Acrolink is still the only company that publishes all impurities from the beginning (see the table below) and guarantees true 7N. After that, it developed into 7N DUCC. It is a material that grows crystal grains up to several tens of times larger than general pure copper and has the same direction of crystal lattice. The larger the crystal grain, the smaller the grain boundary (boundary surface between crystals), which has a great advantage in sound quality, but metal crystals have directionality and it was necessary to align them as well. After research and development of analysis phenomena by X-ray irradiation, by optimizing the manufacturing process such as bus wire, wire drawing process, annealing (annealing), it is extremely excellent with “optimal direction for audio signal transmission”. The wire rod was completed. Furthermore, the outward and return paths along the current flow are wound up in the opposite direction to form a conductor.

High quality connector and stabilizer
The terminal that comes into direct contact with the power amplifier and speaker system is an original specification that sticks to Acrolink. The contacts of the power transmission system are the biggest obstacles. The spade connector is machined from solid 6N Cu, and the banana plug is made of the ideal material of beryllium copper 50. After two mirror finishes for sound quality, silver plating 1.5μ + high quality rhodium plating 0.3μ special thickness finish. The housing is also made of solid duralumin, which boasts extremely high vibration damping characteristics. In addition, it is equipped with a stabilizer that cuts out vibrations generated by its own function of high-speed fluctuating power transmission and unnecessary vibrations from the outside. It is machined from solid aluminum alloy and uses carbon fabric for the exterior to suppress vibration. It is an ideal connector with extremely high quality, which is the best ever for a flagship model.

Uses materials with excellent properties for insulators and sheaths
Insulators and sheaths are also covering materials that greatly affect sound quality. For the insulation and sheath of the 7N-S8000 Leggenda, we have selected three types of materials with excellent insulation characteristics and sound quality. The high-density twisted conductor is wrapped tightly with PTFE Teflon tape, which has excellent dielectric constant, and is coated with a special polyethylene resin that has excellent electrical characteristics and does not add coloration to sound quality. The hot and cold 2-core conductor is molded into a single cable using a hybrid polymer polyolefin resin that is kneaded with powder that has a vibration-damping effect and tungsten and amorphous powder that have a heavy specific gravity and excellent vibration-proofing effect. Achieves a high damping effect. In addition, electromagnetic wave absorbing non-magnetic yarn and silk yarn are placed in the center of the two cores, and the common mode / normal mode, noise countermeasures between lines, and the static electricity removal effect of the silk yarn have dramatically improved sound quality. Is realized.

The electric field shield structure brings the shielding effect to a new height.
7N-S8000 Leggenda is a speaker cable with multiple shield layers, but in order to make the best use of its shield structure, a new electric field shield structure is adopted. The beautiful red and black UEW braided shield that can be seen through the UV resistant urethane sheath and the negative terminal on the speaker side are connected with a wire. As a result, an unprecedented shielding effect can be obtained, and the cable achieves a high SN ratio with extremely low floor noise.

NoiseBEAT® tape
A film developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation that does not require grounding and is made by laminating a magnetic foil with high electromagnetic wave absorption performance on a resin film. It is an ultra-thin, lightweight tape that covers a wide band and achieves high noise reduction performance against both radiation noise and external noise.

Signal Conductor:7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37mm×50strands×2cores
Signal Conductor size:5.36 Sq (AWG 10)
Insulation material:Polyethylene resin with PTFE Teflon tape (Red & White)
First sleeve:Polyolefin with Resonance control powder + Tungsten + Amorphous
Shielding:Noise beat tape + copper tape
Second sleeve:High molecular Polyolefin Resin
Final shielding:Polyurethane enameled braided wire (Red & black)
Outer sleeve:UV resistance Urethane resin
Conductor resistance:2.5mΩ/m

Banana plug

Material:Beryllium 50 copper
Plating:Silver layered rhodium plating
Outer body material:Duralumin

Spade plug

Material:6N Cu copper
Plating:Silver layered rhodium plating
Outer body material:Duralumin

The cable shield and negative side termination is connected by a wire for electric field shielding effect.
Standard length for this speaker cable will be 2.0m pair.
Special length order available. Please specify terminations when ordering.

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