A new paradigm on the original foundation of audio reproduction – the direct heated triode (DHT). The Allnic A-5000DHT monoblock amplifier has only DHT vacuum tubes in the signal path. What does pure DHT mean for a power amplifier? Silent backgrounds; unmatched clarity, detail, speed, decay and harmonic resolution, immersive and layered sound-staging with incredible air around instruments and voices, “you are there” sound-staging, clarity and presence, accurate natural tone and timbre. Wattage means little, the A-5000 DHT produces unbelievable drive from a single 300B. Simply, like all the 5000 series products, the Allnic A-5000DHT will produce as much faithfulness to the source as the rest of your system can provide.

  • 10 watts of high power output
  • Direct wired, no circuit boards
  • Sophisticated ratio, mixed nickel Permalloy PB cored output transformers
  • Analogue power tube current monitoring meters
  • Exceptionally easy bias controls
  • Soft-start Circuitry