The 12JT Turbo represents the latest innovation in the AMG tonearm product line. Expanding upon the success of its predecessor, the 12J2 features a new larger bearing housing as well as calibrated locking thumbscrews allowing you to make all critical tonearm adjustments by hand. The 12JT Turbo is also available as part of the V12 Turbo package, where it is paired with AMG’s Viella V12 turntable.


  • Vertical bearing design based on helicopter rotor bearings for precise alignment with the armwand
  • Uses two 0.5 mm thick spring steel wires, allowing fine azimuth adjustment and eliminating bearing play
  • Horizontal axle made from hardened tool steel and precision ground with dual upper and lower
    multi-ball bearing assemblies, providing greater stability for the larger bearing design
  • Extremely precise, maintenance-free


  • Constructed of top quality aircraft Aluminum
  • Anodized finish for resonance control
  • 13.9 gram effective mass


  • 2-piece with Teflon-decoupled sleeve with thumbscrew adjustment

Copper Internal Wiring:

  • Multiple gauges of high quality copper

Magnetic Anti-skating:

  • Decoupled via ring magnet and 2 bar magnets
  • Magnetic fields isolated in patented bearing housing


  • Calibrated locking thumbscrews for easy, tool-free adjustment
Effective Length 304.8 mm
Distance from Pivot to Turntable Center 291.4 mm
Overhang 13.4 mm
Offset Angle 17.89 degrees
Null Points Inner: 66.04 mm, outer: 120.9 mm