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What’s new about the MK2?

The ROTATION R 2.3 MK2 is a huge leap forward for audiophile AVM turntables, featuring a specially developed AVM 9″ tonearm. The new AVM tonearm in the ROTATION 2.3 MK2 boasts numerous detailed improvements, including significantly enhanced internal damping to further shift the tonearm’s natural frequency outside of the audible spectrum for even more true-to-life sound. New manufacturing methods allow the gimbal tonearm bearings of the ROTATION R 2.3 MK2 to have still less play compared to the MK1 model. The motor control was also extensively revised and works even more precisely than in the original version.

Visually, the resonance-free acrylic dust cover known from the R 5.3 has also been adopted in the ROTATION R 2.3 MK2. In addition, you can now enhance your listening space with the ROTATION R 2.3 MK2’s brand-new RGB turntable lighting. The included remote gives you complete control over the ambiance, allowing you to easily set the perfect color, dim the light, or turn it off for the ultimate personalized listening experience.

R 2.3 Origins and history

Creating a purely analog source based on AVM’s in-house developments by meeting the highest demands was already a long-cherished dream and from the very beginning a matter for AVM owner & managing director Udo Besser. The development of AVM turntables was accompanied by new, further refined phono stages such as the compact P30 Phono Stage or the modular EVOLUTION and OVATION phono stages, which are available with high-end tube output stages on request.

With AVM’s combined expertise in both disciplines, we as a German high-end manufacturer complete our expansive portfolio with exquisite analog signal sources to perfectly match our wide range of audiophile masterpieces. All AVM turntables are equipped with tonearms specially designed by AVM and feature a variety of technical refinements. As a result, the first turntables in the company’s history were developed in-house and became AVM’s very own contribution to the renaissance of the beloved vinyl record.

On the technical side, the ROTATION R 2.3 MK2 turntable takes its very own unique approach. The 9″ tonearm is exclusive to this turntable and is an AVM proprietary development. The belt drive of the ROTATION R 2.3 MK2 is similar to that of the larger sibling model at its core and is designed as a single-motor drive. The ROTATION R 2.3 MK2 is based on a 37mm slim plinth made of HDF composite material, reinforced with aluminum decorative parts, which effectively suppresses unwanted self-resonances. For the design and tonal tuning of the R 2.3, the Ortofon Cadenza MC systems RED and BLUE served as reference cartridges. The resulting synergy makes these systems, manufactured exclusively for AVM by Ortofon, ideal playing partners for the tonearm.

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