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THE PEARL KESHI, a new ultra-compact 2.1 connected system

An ultra-miniature 2.1 system capable of delivering huge emotions! THE PEARL KESHI takes its name from small natural pearls found in Tahiti and the South Seas. It combines all the qualities of Cabasse’s high-end connected solutions for the most impressive acoustic performance (soundstage, stereo image, timbre, etc.) relative to its miniature size. Consisting of a connected subwoofer and two satellite speakers featuring an original design, it sits suspended in the air limiting the transmission of vibrations to the floor. This compact system is available in black and white and integrates effortlessly into any interior.


The satellites of THE PEARL KESHI feature a brand-new patented driver powered by 300 Watts RMS (per speaker). The design of these full-range speakers allows for long excursion and high-power handling for great dynamics.

An ultra-fine 50 micrometre membrane, a neodymium motor, the associated DSP signal processing and the other speaker components, all contribute to enable faithful restitution of the timbre and provide excellent spectral homogeneity.

Such a minimalist 2.1 connected system capable of delivering 1050 Watts RMS of total power (300 Watts for each satellite and 450 W for the bass) allows  listeners to feel all the dynamics of their favourite music, from the most subtle sounds to the most striking ones, without any clipping or distortion.


  • DEAP for an optimized digital signal
  • DFE for real-time optimization of the sound dynamics (audio analysis, the dynamics, and the volume). This technology, based on artificial intelligence, enables the listener to find the balance of the original recording whether they’re listening at a low volume at home or at full volume at a party.
  • CRCS technology (automatic room correction system) via the presence of a microphone integrated in the speaker to optimize sound to the listening environment


115 dB stereo (Peak)

Bandwidth: 30 – 23 000 Hz

Medium-tweeter: Dom55

Subwoofer 17 cm HELD


Left channel : 300 W RMS / 600 W (Peak)

Right channel : 300 W RMS / 600 W (Peak)

Bass: 450 W RMS / 900 W (Peak)

Amplification performance

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise : THD+N = 0,005% – (1W, 4Ohm)
Saturation: 0
Background Noise 0 dB at 50m (-15,5 dB SPL at 3m)


Ethernet – WiFi – Bluetooth

Micro USB – SPDIF Optical – 3.5 mm Jack

Audio formats

WAV – MP3 – AAC -WMA – AIFF – FLAC – ALAC – Ogg – vorbis – DSD 64/128 –
WMA lossless

Automatic Calibration

DAC 768 kHz / 32 bits

High-resolution Multiroom


Subwoofer : 24 x 22 x 27 cm
Satellites : 10 x 8 x 8 cm


Satellites: 550 gr (approx per speaker)

Subwoofer: 6Kg (approx)

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