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The B-420XS is the brand new Densen CD Player, with digital input, allowing it to function as DAC.The B-420XS is in all aspects optimised for perfect performance. The signal comes from the heavily modified CD transport, with external clock control to avoid jitter by using same clock in both sending and receiving end of the data stream. Passes trough the advanced pcb layout to the DAC, and further on through the analogue stage which uses Densen’s unique non feedback class A topology. It is further perfected from the earlier designs, and are one of the key elements that secures the extreme high sound quality of the B-420XS.

The Densen design team has focused totally on creating a CD player that not only sets new standards for the price range, but actually plays music in a way that allows the listener to really dig into the music.In the B-420XS is not only the digital and analogue stages optimized to perfection, but also the power supply. Being the heart of all audio, the power supply in the B-420XS is comparable to many power amplifiers with a 300 VA transformer, 40.000 uF storage capacity, and no less than 8 individual regulators and 4 bridges. Naturally this means that all digital stages, analogue stages, and microprocessors and display have individual supplies, to avoid interference, and allow all stages to work perfectly.

The microprocessor contains Densens own control software, that controls both CD drive and all functionality including display, link and remote. The CD drive is modified with external clock controller. The analogue stages are based on Densens famed 6 watt class A amplifier stage, with no negative feed back (neither global or local), which here is obvious used in a version without 6 watts output.The B-420XS uses the best components throughout the design, such as custom made capacitors, Vishay metalfilm resistors, gold plated RCA’s with direct connection to the printed circuit board. And high quality film capacitors.The B-420XS is available in either albino finish with chrome push buttons, or black with either chrome or gold push buttons. The display is the same dot-matrix used on Densens current preamps and integrated amplifiers.The DAC and analogue board is separated from the main CPU board, and can be upgraded as technology is progressing.

All ready from the beginning the B-420XS can be upgraded to the B-440XS. Also owners of the smaller B-410XS can get their B-410XS upgraded to the B-420XS. The pricing of this being the price difference + a modest amount for labour. However, B-410, B-410+, B-420 and B-420+ cannot be upgraded to B-420XS.The DAC is a 24 bit type which is mounted under a shielded box, to avoid digital interference on the analogue stages. Using the Gizmo remote in the listening position the B-420XS can have the absolute phase of the signal inverted, so even recordings with wrong phase can be played correct. Soundwise the B-420XS is the result of Densen head honcho Thomas Sillesens desire to make a CD Player that not only surpasses the current Densen models, but a CD player that will be a benchmark for what can be expected from CD players not only at the pricepoint of the B-420XS, but also at pricepoints much higher. The B-420XS is transparent, dynamic, precise, engaging, musically correct, with a precise soundstage, and the ability to create a sound so good you forget you are “just” listening to a CD Player. The B-420XS has double goldplated RCA outputs, BNC digital output and Densen’s own Digital output format which allows for easy upgrade to separate DAC and Transport, if Densen decides to launch a separate DAC. The digital outputs can be switched off. It also has DenLink for easy communication between Densen products and for use in multi room systems.

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