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Generates positive and negative ions to neutralize and remove the static charge from vinyl records

Vinyl records have a surface static electricity charge created by friction. Two common sources of friction that creates static build-up are the stylus drag that occurs during record playback as well as simply removing records from their jacket and sleeve. By emitting both positive and negative ions in a controlled fashion from its dual outlets, the ION-001 ionizer unit effectively neutralizes and removes static electricity from the record surface. Our unique “fanless” design allows for silent operation for continuous use while playing records. Additionally, the ION-001 performs charge removal for Compact Discs.

Note: The degree of electrostatic charge may vary depending on factors including stylus tip shape, vinyl record material, temperature and humidity etc.

High power ionizer with low ozone emission

The ION-001 is a very high-power device, equipped with a total of 4 ionizers, 2 each for positive and negative ions. The ION-001 utilizes a specialized power supply controller which suppresses the generation of excess ozone, preventing unwanted oxidation.

Designed for quick installation

The architectural tower design provides placement of the ION-001 next to your turntable for quick installation, allowing easy changing of vinyl records. The tower design is effective with a wide range of turntables featuring an overall platter height up to 18 cm or 7”. With turntables exceeding this platter height, please use a base/riser to properly position the ION-001.

Vinyl Ionizer ION-001

Size 84mm×84mm×250mm
Weight 650g
Input Voltage DC12V
Number of ionizers Positive(+) ion ×2 Negative(-) ion ×2

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