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Finite Elemente CERA Thread Adapters for CERAPUC and CERABALL


Special thread adapters for Cerapuc and Ceraball

Due to the fact that manufacturers use a variety of thread size types in their components, speakers and speaker stands, our models Cerapuc and Ceraball sometimes require more options for attachment.
We therefore offer four different thread adapter types to cover other thread sizes than the standard M8 and M6 types, for which we supply as standard M8 and M8/M6 bolts.

The four thread adapter versions offer three M10 types with different thread pitches, as well as an M8 type with a fine thread pitch.

CERA° thread adapters highlights:

  • suitable for Cerapuc + Ceraball
  • four different types with different thread pitches available
  • suitable for i.e. Magico, Vienna Acoustics, Monitor Audio, KEF, Paradigm, and others

Material: stainless steel, precision machined
Overall length: 35 mm
Thread lengths: 10 mm (M8 basic thread) / 25 mm (M10/M8 adapter thread)


M10 x 1.50 mm (for i.e. Magico, Vienna Acoustics)
M10 x 1.25 mm (for i.e. Monitor Audio)
M10 x 1.00 mm (for i.e. Paradigm)
M8 x 1.00 mm (for i.e. KEF)

Comes in Set of 4

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