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Product Features

The HRS Helix is designed to significantly reduce the negative impact of air and structure-borne vibration on your audio or video component performance. The Helix is specifically designed for use with components that have stiffer (plate and billet) metal chassis construction and yields targeted performance improvements when used in conjunction with the HRS Isolation Bases.

The HRS Helix was designed specifically for use with HRS Isolation Bases. Using the HRS Helix in conjunction with another shelf that does not have the same capabilities as the HRS Isolation Bases can limit the performance benefits achieved by the Helix. The Helix can also be used in combination with HRS Damping Plates. While the Helix significantly reduces bottom chassis noise, the Damping Plates will work to reduce top chassis noise in the component.

The Helix is produced in a very low-profile design, completely invisible under most components, so it is ideal when you wish to maintain the original look of the component.

  • It will give you many years of superior musical or video signal reproduction
  • Yields targeted performance improvements when used in conjunction with HRS Isolation Bases
  • Very low profile design
  • Designed specifically to obtain maximum performance from audio components with a stiffer (plate and billet) metal chassis construction
  • Available in black anodize finish

The HRS Helix is designed so that sets of three or four units arranged as shown in the diagrams below will provide exceptional performance on any standard-size component.

3 Helix

Small Components (less than 100 square inches):  Three Helix are required to make the component stable. Do not use less than 3 fixed units.

4 Helix

Normal Components (approximately 150 square inches and larger):
HRS strongly recommends using more than three units to obtain maximum performance.

5 Helix

Larger Components (approximately 300 square inches and larger): 
HRS recommends using up to five or more Helix on larger components.

“The HRS Helix delivers a strong dose of the tremendous immediacy and musical dynamics that is achieved by the HRS Vortex. The lower profile also makes them disappear visually in the system. An amazing value when combined with the HRS E1 or R3X Isolation Bases.“

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