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HRS SXR Audio Stand

From: $4,700.00

Our SXR provides higher performance than our RXR and is complete with unmatched flexibility, resulting in an industry-leading system that is infinitely modular.

Shelves sold separately.

The SXR Audio Stand was developed based on technical concepts and technology derived from our reference level VXR Audio Stand. The SXR Audio Stand system combined with Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Bases eliminates noise to reveal a new level of musical performance.  The modular frame concept is manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum with a resonance control system. The highly acclaimed HRS Isolation Bases load directly into the SXR frame as the shelf system. The SXR frame optimizes isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The SXR frame system is completely modular and can be expanded vertically or horizontally at any time. It is available in a 1V (amp stand) configuration and can extend to an infinite number of bays for larger systems. The SXR Audio Stand can be reconfigured, expanded or contracted at any time by acquiring the additional parts of the system necessary for the desired changes.

The owner of the SXR system can also change the component spacing of any system. Standard component spacing can be specified at 6 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches. This can also be changed in the future if the component size changes by ordering new strut lengths from your authorized Harmonic Resolution Systems sales agent.

  • Infinite configuration options (customize your system)
  • Load range of each shelf optimized for maximum performance
  • Leveling system for stability
  • Structure design for optimum isolation base performance (unique six strut design with strategically located damping elements)
  • System configuration can be expanded or revised at any time (preserves value)

The SXR Signature Series frame is built on the same foundation as the SXR Series Frames. The SXR Signature Series upgrade is achieved by adding the SXR Solid Brace Insert to each isolation base location in the frame.  The SXR Solid Brace Inserts triple the number of cross braces, pretensions the frame, and add four friction dampers and two compression dampers at each component location (Isolation Base location). The added mass, stiffness, control, and energy absorption capability provided by the addition of the SXR Solid Brace Inserts push the performance of the SXR frame towards that of the very ambitious reference level HRS VXR Audio Stands.

The SXR Cable Organizer can be attached horizontally to the back of the SXR Audio Stand. The Cable Organizer is primarily to clean up the look of your system as well as providing a more cosmetic appearance.  You will secure the cable to the frame which does add stability to the cables but it is not intended to be a performance option.

Typical standard SXR frame configurations are shown below.  This is a small sample of available configurations. Please consult your authorized HRS dealer to determine the best configuration for your system needs. All dimensions below are for reference only and heights are based on 8” component spacing. If you don’t see something below that will fit your system’s configurations, HRS has experience and the utmost ability in creating a custom SXR Audio Stand frame to meet your requirements.

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