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Koil is a superb first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges. This Majik-level cartridge provides a step up in performance from Adikt; and is available either as an upgrade, or fitted as standard to a new Majik LP12 MC.

Choose Koil if you intend to use your Majik LP12 with a moving coil phono preamplifier. Upgrade from Adikt to progress your journey along the path to vinyl playback perfection.

Technical Specifications

Entry-level moving coil cartridge

Stylus TypeNude Microlinear
Coil WireCopper
Pin Connection Type1.2mm gold pin
Mounting Points2
Output Voltage0.4mV @ 5cm/s
Channel Balance at 1 kHz1.0dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz27dB
Load Resistance100 Ω
Load Capacitance100 nF
Tracking Force1.8-2.2 g (2.0 g nom)
Cartridge Mass7.6 g
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