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Sondek LP12-50 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the most iconic product in hi-fi history. This limited edition turntable was designed with our friends at the creative collective LoveFrom.

Sondek LP12-50 produces the best vinyl playback performance Linn has ever achieved, alongside the immediately recognisable and iconic design language of Sir Jony Ive and his team at LoveFrom, applied in key visual and tactile interfaces.

The sonic improvement comes by way of Linn’s all-new Bedrok plinth technology; formed of orthogonal layers of beech placed under extreme pressure to create an entirely new, solid and massive material. The consequent ultra-dense wood has negligible resonance and offers a superior isolating housing for the turntable’s mechanism.

LoveFrom has applied their design expertise to the new, precision-machined power/speed control button and hinges – providing delightful and precise interaction with the turntable. Further aesthetic refinements to the classic Sondek LP12 form have been made with deep respect for the quality and integrity of the product.

The combination of performance, usability, and aesthetic improvements result in an historic piece with unrivalled sonic quality and beauty. Only 250 of these limited edition Sondek LP12-50s will ever be produced – with each bearing an embossed aluminium plaque celebrating this landmark collaboration with individual numbering.

  • All-new, pressure-formed Bedrok™️ plinth technology
  • Machined aluminium power/speed control button and hinges
  • Aluminium plaque with individual numbering and name of builder
  • Space grey aluminium base
  • Available in either natural wood or painted white finish
  • Space grey anodised arm board with Sondek LP12-50 model name

Reserve your own Sondek LP12-50

To reserve your Sondek LP12-50, please fill out the form below. Following its submission, we will be in touch as soon as possible to both confirm your reservation, and to pair you up with a Linn specialist in your geographical area, who will then hand-deliver and install your new turntable once it has shipped from the Linn factory in Scotland.

Sondek LP12-50 will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. We expect demand to be very high, so there is limited time to add your name to the exclusive list of people who will own this historic piece.

Your Sondek LP12-50 will be reserved under your name for a duration of seven days, during which you must formally complete your order with your pre-assigned Linn specialist retailer.

We will remain in touch via email with progress updates on the build status of your turntable. Each and every Sondek LP12-50 will be handmade with the utmost care and pride, and will bear the name of the builder who assembles, tests and packs it at our factory headquarters near Glasgow. Due to this meticulous, artisanal process, a lead time is to be expected following confirmation of your order.

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