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Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 speakers is the prestige model for the Coltrane Series. We wanted to create the ultimate speaker for the home – perhaps the best in the world. Designed using our recording studio in Sweden as reference, the difference between reality and recorded sound is indistinguishable.

The Coltrane series drives many of the design and technology innovations at Marten; Supreme 2 is no exception. It led breakthroughs in our product range and continues to lead the market.

We developed a first order crossover for Supreme 2, creating absolute perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. A milestone for innovation and design at Marten.
Your music is absolutely faithful, with a soundstage that is as vivid as the live performance.

With Cell technology, the three-part cabinet includes a separate mid-cabinet of Corian, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, making Supreme 2 extremely strong and stable.

  • 5-way
  • First order crossover
  • Accuton Cell drivers
  • Jorma Statement cables

Our goal was simple. To design the best speaker in the world. With the Coltrane Supreme 2, we’ve arrived at where we want to be. Our ultimate design. To create the ultimate speaker, we needed an absolute reference point. We recorded our own album, ‘Supreme Sessions.’ The result? With eyes closed, the playback of the recording is identical to the live performance. The live feeling of the music, played by the musicians at the point of the recording, is reproduced in every detail. Simply, the Coltrane Supreme 2 has a sound quality so genuine that distinguishing between recorded music and reality is not possible. High Fidelity in its essence.

Finishes: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut

The units all employ the newly developed Cell drivers.

Speaker (front):

  • One 20mm diamond tweeter
  • One 51mm lower treble diamond tweeter
  • One 5” ceramic mid range unit
  • One 8” aluminium laminated sandwich mid-bass driver
  • Six 8” aluminium laminated sandwich bass drivers

Speaker (back):

  • Six 11” sandwich passive radiators with the bass’ lowest below 40Htz

CELL concept drivers

Our joint venture with Accuton represents a new milestone in hi-fi history. Accuton developed the unique CELL concept drivers used within the Coltrane Supreme 2. Tweeters, midrange and bass drivers have identical acoustic centres, delivering flawless phase and time coherency. The domes in the units are perfectly rigid, for impeccable signal settle and piston behaviour. And there is incredibly low distortion, in the magnitude of electronic devices, even at high levels. • Steady decay of higher order harmonics • High bandwidth

Speaker (front)

7 x 8 ” Aluminium sandwich

1 x 5 ” Ceramic

1 x 2 ” Diamond

1 x 0.75 ” Diamond

Speaker (back)

6 x 10 ” Passive sandwich

Frequency range
18-100000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating
500 W

91 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

6 ohm (3.2 Ohm min)

Crossover frequency
First order: 120, 450, 3500 & 8000 Hz

WBT Nextgen bi-wiring

Internal wiring
Jorma Design Statement

25mm:s carbon fibre laminate sides, 70mm solid laminated wood front, back, top and bottom

Polished stainless steel with
Marten Isolators

Dimensions W x H x D
54 x 200 x 59 cm (21.2 x 78.8 x 23.2 ”)

Net weight
270 Kg (600 lbs)

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