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About the Delphi MkVII Classic

 Since 1979, Oracle Audio has been producing state-of-the-art stereo components. Oracle’s first turntable, the Oracle AC, introduced new standards to the analog world and rapidly became athe new reference. Oracle’s Delphi MkI was introduced in 1980. Today, the Delphi MkVII is the seventh edition of the Oracle line heritage. Through the years the Delphi won numerous prestigious awards and it has been acclaimed worldwide! Having appeared on the more than 50 magazines cover pages worldwide the Oracle is a true icon. The Delphi MkVI was awarded the Analog Grand Prix 2010 Gold Award from Japan, more recently Enjoy the “Best of 2014 Blue Note Award” and the “Best of Toronto 2022”. In 2020, the Oracle Delphi Mk VI was awarded the “Legendary performance 2020” By the Enjoy the magazine. To this day the Delphi is still Oracle’s flagship product and still serves as a reference in the analog community!

Using the finest components and design technologies, the Oracle Delphi MkVII is exquisite in all aspects. Like its predecessors the Delphi MkVII is supported by three suspension pillars to efficiently control unwanted vibrations. It harbors a massive belt-driven platter that uses our famous record clamping system which was first introduced by Oracle back in 1979. The Delphi’s floating chassis, milled from solid billets of 6061T6 aluminum/magnesium alloy, is an extremely rigid and inert structure supporting the tonearm and the platter. While the fabrication process of the Delphi is one of minute precision its development process is one of science that brings out all of the music’s depth, details and emotion.

Truly the Delphi is a Work of Art so, what’s new with the MkVII ?

Since the introduction of the Delphi MkVI in the fall of 2009 featuring the innovative Micro Vibration Stabilizer System (MVSS) we never really stopped with new developments. During the summer 2015, we introduced the MkVI Second Generation featuring the new two-piece platter assembly which greatly facilitates the drive belt installation while also reducing platter resonances. By not having to remove the inner platter to install the drive belt the main bearing accuracy is preserved. With a now lighter inner platter/spindle assembly we were able to further improve the main bearing design and make is calibration even more precise. The trust plate supporting the platter spindle Tungsten carbide ball tip is non-metallic and made of Glass Filled Torlon. The dual tripod main bearing design is using 6 precision PEEK screws, 3@120 degrees apart at the top and 3@ 120 degrees apart at the bottom of the bearing assembly, those are offset @ 60 degrees with the top screws. The AC synchronous motor uses impedance matched internal windings. The Mk VII motor drive module is a precision frequency generator using Military grade high precision capacitors to further smoothen the sinewave feeding the motor coils. A precision calibration stage has been implemented to the drive module so we can precisely adjust the positive and negative sinewave voltages feeding the motor coils further reducing vibrations. The final and key element of the new Delphi Mk VII is the Turbo Mk II power adaptor which has been further improved. A fine trim potentiometer allows a precise calibration of the output voltage to 24.35 volts DC. The elaborate drive system of the new Delphi MkVII has been designed so each critical steps can be precisely calibrated to aligning with a very high level of accuracy with the ultimate goal being to make the AC synchronous motor spin smoother and more accurately with less vibrations. All the settings described above are done at the factory so our customers do not have to worry about them, the main purpose of the Delphi Mk VII is to provide to you the user with pure visual and musical enjoyment.

The new Delphi MkVII sonic performance delivers a higher level of dynamic contrast and vastly improved inner details with a transient response resulting in a remarkable ability to preserve and deliver the harmonic structure of the music. Driven by our new Turbo Power Supply MkII the Delphi MkVII will transform your listening sessions into unforgettable lifelike experiences.

  • Option 1 – Oracle Delphi MkVII turntable with clear acrylic base and regular power adaptor.
  • Option 2 – Oracle Delphi MkVII turntable with clear acrylic base and turbo MkII power adaptor.

*Full clear acrylic dust cover shipped separately


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