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Hi-Fi network media transport with enriched digital audio outputs to integrate external DAC, present the true power of digital music.

“superior digital bridge to Hi-Fi music life”

Designed for True Hi-Fi Music Playing

An excellent alternative for PC or laptop as a music player, all the designs are for Hi-Fi audio experience.

More and more streaming services are publishing lossless format music, have you wondered why you can’t hear the difference, it’s because your PC is too busy processing other things in the meantime, but Munich M1 is solely built to function music, you’ll hear a better sound quality via Munich M1.

Enhanced Audio Board & Enriched Audio Ports

Fan-less main board with specialized heat-sink and EMI absorber embedded to eliminate mechanical & electronic noise, to process lossless music and deliver to you.

Equipped with AES/EBU, I2S, Coxial, USB Audio for digital audio; RCA (L+R) and 6.35 mm headphone jack for analog audio; 1000Mbps Ethernet works well with NAS (Network Attached Storage) and high-speed network streaming applications.

Optimized Audio Processing Circuit

Expert Main Board Design

– Fan-less cooling system with specialized heat-sink to lower 20˚C working temperature, and high-permeability EMI absober to remove any possible electronic interference.

Powerful Audio Processing System

– Adopting CPU (4 Cores 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A72); DRAM (Low-noise DDR4); ROM (High-speed 32GB Flash), devoted to only processing lossless music data.

Silent Angel Audio Source Upgrade

Exclusive Audio Upgrade Combo

– Work with Bonn N8; Forester F1; Bastei; network signal and powers signal and DC cable, generating the ultimate Hi-Fi source quality to your system.

Flexible Audio Applications

Versatile Accessing Ports

– AES/EBU, I2S. Coaxial. USB Audio for external DAC; RCA (L+R) for active speakers; 6.35mm headphone jack for wired headphones.

– USB3.0*2,  USB2.0*1 for extra storage, and M-IO, M-LINK for peripheral access.

– Gigabit Ethernet interface for network switch or NAS.

Level Up Audio Performance

Team up with external DAC and Amp to magnify sound quality.

Through digital output connecting to your system then to the headphones, you’ll hear the sound you’ve ever dreamed of.

Music Streaming Head

In the den; in the living room, it’s time to for you enjoy a home concert.

Through analog output connecting to active speakers, you’ll be amazed by the music performance, certainly outperforms a PC or Laptop.

Hi-Fi Home System

Living in Hi-Fi life has never been easier, unleash the true power of lossless streaming music.

By Munich M1’s exclusive upgrade combo, and with high sampling rate digital output, you’ll obtain the unprecedented music details; audio dynamics; sound quality through home audio system.

Power Output

(DC) 5V/2A at max

Power Use

10W at max


Digital Outputs

AES/EBU; I2S; Coxial

– Supports up to PCM 384KHz and DSD 5.6M (DSD128)

USB Audio

– Supports up to PCM 768KHz and DSD 11.2M (DSD256)


– USB3.0*2,  USB2.0*1 for extra storage

– M-IO, M-LINK for peripheral access

1000Mbps Ethernet Port

– works well with high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage)

– connecting to Gigabit LAN port of a router or audio switch

Music Format


– Gapless playback supported

MQA Handling

– The M1T will transmit the signal to the DAC which supports MQA decoding.

   MQA is supported only by connecting to the USB-audio port.

LED Indicator

Mute LED*1; Power LED*1

Digital Output LED*2 (Light Yellow if it’s in DSD format); (Light Green if it’s in PCM format)

TemperatureOperating 32 ~ 86 °F; Storage -4 ~ 158 °F

Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

Dimensions (Unit) WxHxD
155 x 51 x 110 mm
Weight1 KG
Packaging Content


Power Adapter*1

Power Cord*1

Ethernet Cable*1

Quick Start Guide*1

Warranty Card*1

Dimensions (Packaging)245 x 215 x 110 mm
Weight (Packaging)1.75 KG
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