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Rhein Z1 (with Spotify Connect) + Audio System

Major enhancements

  • Rhein Z1 with hardware designed specifically for HiFi music direct stream to HiFi system.
  • Mobile phone work as a contol panel, seemless user experience integration.
  • Remote control with Spotify connect even you are not at home.

VitOS Architecture Enhancement for Spotify Connect
Spotify Certified
Spotify Connect module is Spotify provided and Certified.

High End Music Buffer 
VitOS in Rhein Z1 allocates 512MB high capacity 530MB/s ultra fast SSD storage for Spotify music buffering.

Direct and Highly Stable Music Path 
Rhein Z1 directly gets music streaming data from Spotify streaming server. Music data are also buffered in Rhein Z1 and output to USB DAC through a highly stable path:
• Spotify Server (Source)
• Spotify Connect
• VitOS Network Accelerator
• Spotify Connect
• VitOS USB Audio Optimizer

The VitOS Network Accelerator and VitOS USB Audio Optimizer provide the short and highly stable path for the music data from Spotify to pass and processed to the USB DAC. It has been measured that it is 25% more stable than a generic Linux system. Meanwhile, VitOS Task Manager protects the high

Rhein Z1 Music Server of Craftmanship
Focus on extracting and purifying the essence of music
Feel the essence of digital music, let the music fully restore the live effect and make you be on the scene!

Custom Built Motherboard for Audio

Customized and dedicated motherboard for audio usage. Low noise for  high quality music playback, shortest data path make the smoother and more pure data transmission possible. It consumes less power and introduces less noise on power rails to ensure more stable USB and network signals. The independent USB AUDIO dedicated circuit makes USB AUDIO processing isolated and gets less interference. As a result, data transmission is more stable, and jitter during data transmission is reduced.

Ultra Low CPU Power Consumption

The intel mobile series CPU consumes ultra low power consumption (as low as 6W) to reduce electrical noise from CPU and make the signal inside Rhein Z1 to be more stable and prevent from affecting audio device nearby.

Over Designed Power board

Customized and over-designed power board, which is capable of 160W output while Rhein Z1 only requires 40W, provides sufficient power to the motherboard and SSD and ensures stable data transmission.

High Quality Chassis made of Aerospace Industrial Grade Aluminum Alloy with CNC Processing

Compact and ingenious industrial design make Rhein Z1 an artwork. Fan-less design makes no mechanical noise. Rhein Z1 appearance obtained Chinese patent certification.

Patented Structure Design

The groove structure design has the feature of reducing signal interference, standardizing the line direction and placement. The design has obtained Chinese patent certification.

High Permeability EMI Absorber

Furthermore, to eliminate high frequency electrical noise from digital circuits, Rhein Z1 uses specially chosen EMI absorber at the inner side of bottom case to absorb EMI noise from internal digital circuit including DRAM, CPU, …, and so on.

Silent Angel Select High Quality Cable and Wires

To get more stable signal and get less electrical noise emission during signal and power transmission, Rhein Z1 used carefully chosen high quality cable and wires in power button signal, power LED signal, SATA power and SATA signal.

ED and Power Button Signal

​Teflon coated ​silver plated  wires is suitable for the connection of electrical equipment and instrument lines under high temperature conditions and high voltage up to 600V. It features high temperature resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and other properties.

SATA Power Wires

Ordinary copper wire at upper side: The copper wire crystal is irregularly crystallized, and the conductivity is poor. As a result, it generates more electrical noise while power loading varies during system is accessing SSD. Rhein Z1 uses OFC copper wire as SATA power wires: The copper wire crystal is evenly distributed by the high temperature hot casting mode continuous casting method, and the current conduction is good and introduce less electrical noise while power loading varies during system is accessing SSD.

Server Grade SATA Cable

The server grade SATA cable is optimized to ensure the stability of the signal transmission by having the irregular distribution of the SATA cable in the foam layer is easy to generate a telecommunications irregular magnetic field, which affects the signal transmission quality. Also it uses durable SATA connectors at both end to ensure the best quality of connectivity.

Built-in Exclusive Audio SSD

The special designed exclusive audio SSD features fast access speed, low power consumption, good anti-noise, and stronger anti-interference. It effectively ensures the stability of the output signal, better output data stability, introduces totally different listening enjoyment and experience for you, and brings more fidelity to music.

Efficient VitOS Operating System

The Rhein Z1 features a VitOS operating system designed for music servers that focuses on streaming services. VitOS improves machine efficiency, performance stability and network latency issues.

  • Specially designed operating system: VitOS
  • 250 GB Silent Angel Customized SSD for System Disk. 1 TB or 2TB
  • Silent Angel Customized SSD for Data Disk (optional).
  • High quality and thick aluminum alloy chassis.
  • Ultra low power consumption SSD and isolated power circuit design inside the SSD to ensure low electrical noise emission from SSD.
  • Low power consumption CPU to reduce the electrical noise emission from CPU.
  • Customized Silent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA) inside.
  • Use the aluminum alloy upper case as the CPU heatsink. Dedicate Linear Power Circuit for SSD.
  • Up to 2 simultaneous zones for multi-room streaming applications.
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for external storage expansion.
  • USB Audio port for USB DAC connection.
  • HDMI 2.0 port for AV receiver connection.
  • Fan-less design.



1 x 100 / 1000 Base-T GbE with link / speed indicator

1 x USB Audio (supplies 5VDC @ 0.5A at max.)

2 x USB 2.0 (supplies 5VDC @ 0.5A at max.)

1 x USB 3.0 (supplies 5VDC @ 2A at max.) 1 x HDMI 1.4

Power Button

Aluminum alloy material

Power Indicator

Blue light


System Disk

250GB Silent Angel Customized SSD



Data Disk

1TB Silent Angel Customized SSD (optional)

CPU Power Consumption

6 Watt *

SSD Power Consumption

60 mWatt at max

SATA Cable

Strictly impedance controlled SATA cable

SATA Power Cable

OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) SATA Power Cable

EMI Absorber

Silent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA)

Power Adaptor

Over designed 12VDC 7A switching power adaptor

Black / Silver

6061 aluminum alloy (at least 8mm thickness) case

Carefully polished stainless steel bottom cover

External Power 12VDC at 2A at max. ** 24W at max. ** 200 mm x 200 mm x 68 mm Power, Case, Environmental Case Color Case Material Product Power Input Product Power Consumption Product Dimension Weight 6 KG ( Gross Weight ) Operating: 0 ~ 35 °C Storage: -20 ~ 70°C Temperature Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing) Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing) *Operating at base frequency with all cores active. **Under the condition when no USB external device is connected Humidity Safety CE、FCC

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