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The Feet of Silenceis our flagship isolator with extremely good isolationcharacteristics (freedom of movement) in all planes. The Feet of Silence system has been designed with the objective of affording today’s Audio systems the optimal working environment they need in order to deliver the realism and musicality which combine to make listening a truly High-End experience.Experience shows that today’s Audio systems have been so highly developed that serious attention must be paid to the influence of external as well as internal vibrations and resonances.External vibrations are those which are spread through the walls and floors of the surrounding building and airborne vibrations. A list over the origins of these vibrations would be endless – but the worst offenders are road and rail traffic, machinery and loudspeakers. A large portion of these adulterating vibrations are generated by a manifold of sources that can neither be heard nor felt under normal circumstances.But all in all, the biggest miscreant is the feedback from the music itself. High amplitude, low frequency sounds from the loudspeakers cause the most protrusive of all disturbances, which quite simply bombard the entire system – both acoustically and through the mechanical coupling to the floor.Internal vibrations are those which stem from transformers, mechanical drive systems, as well as from electrical current flowing through cables and other components.After scratching the surface of a problem as complex as vibration control, one can see that effective solutions are not simple, especially when one considers that not only must the problem of external influences be solved but that one must minimize the effect of a components self-generated vibrations and resonances. These vibrations and resonances will degrade the Audio capabilities as long as the equipment is not properly isolated and checked.

Set of 3: 3-10kg
Set of 4: 4-14kg
Set of 3 (Heavy duty): 10-20kg
Set of 4 (Heavy duty): 14-26kg

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