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You will rediscover an analog LP as the fascination of “Ultimate High-Resolution Sound”.

Seeking “Real-Sound”—A phono equalizer with extremely simple circuit configuration making full use of the latent ability of latest high quality operational amps close to the ideal amplifier

Most important portion of the high gain amplifier circuitry like as phono EQ is the initial-stage receiving the output from a cartridge. At the stage two separate high performance operational amps are adopted to bring out the full potential of each type of the cartridges, MC and MM cartridges.

An ultra low-noise, high-gain “bipolar-input operational amp” is used for MC cartridges with low-voltage, low-impedance outputs, while a high input impedance and high-performance audio circuitry “FET-input operational amp” is used for MM cartridges with high-voltage, high impedance outputs.

And so you could enjoy the highly natural and vivid sound with each type of cartridges.

“CR Equalizer” in Pursuit of “Real-Sound”, Faithful Reproduction of Rich Information Contained in Analog Vinyl LPs

Thanks to the latest ultra low-noise, high-gain operational amps, we could adopt “CR equalizer”, it is composed of minimum numbers of exclusively passive devices and excellent phase characteristics. Because of its simplest circuit configuration, the sound character of each passive devices used in the CR equalizer determines the final sound quality of the phono equalizer.

REQ-S1EX employs two types of highest quality “oil filled capacitor” custom-made by Arizona Capacitors, Inc. USA, featuring different tonal character and “mica capacitors” with ultimate sound quality. They contribute to the straight, highly transparent, information-rich sound of this “Real-Sound” phono equalizer”.

Seeking free from the conduction noise and excellent channel separation, a “ Phono EQ” amplifier unit and a separate “Power Supply” case with independent L/R power sources

A specialized power supply with newly-developed SiC ( Silicon Carbide ) schottky diodes and the blending of custom capacitors, two type of high quality electrolytic capacitors, connecting in parallel custom “oil-filled capacitors” and also valuable “mica capacitors”, achieves a fine, flat but energetic sound across the entire range. Above all this power supply, prepared for both L/R channel brings out complete separation. In addition Base-chassis, a solid laminated panel of European spruce from Austria is used for producing a natural and pleasant sound. Insulators made from pure real maple from Hokkaido in Japan moderates the vibrancy of the spruce base-chassis and cut off the vibration from out-side help providing a nice musicality.

MC gain60 db
Input impedance switching20 Ω / 200 Ω
MM gain40 db
Input load capacity switching0 pF / 100 pF
Unbalanced RCA0.5 Vrms
Balanced XLR1.0 Vrms
RIAA deviation10 Hz – 50 kHz ± 0.25 dB max.
Input conversion noise140 dBV (MC)
Subsonic filter-3 dB (20 Hz)
Max. external dimensions260 mm (width) × 84 mm (height) × 387 mm (depth)
Weight5.0 kg
Power supply unit
Power voltage220 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Electrical consumption10 W
External dimensions260 mm (width) × 84 mm (height) × 380 mm (depth)
Weight6.0 kg
Included itemsPower cord ,Dedicated DC cord ,Operation manual
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