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Featuring a striking exterior composed of different types of wood.

This amplifier was designed by SPEC based on the premise that the amplifier is its own musical instrument. By using lots of wooden elements, the RSA-G3EX portrays a rich sound with an organic touch.

The wooden exterior consists of three-layer side panels resembling the shape of a violin and the wide, solid spruce panel at the bottom, which serves as the base of the amplifier. Due to this structure, the RSA-G3EX portrays natural, organic sounds in which you can feel the warm, enriching touch of wood.

The RSA-G3EX portrays acoustic, elegant mid-bass frequencies, adding richness, warmth and comfort to make your listening experience truly special.

Spruce dampen the vibration of chassis suitably and resonated with a music signal like a violin. Maple is a tougher type of wood, therefore it suppresses vibration and supports the weight of the chassis. As you may know, Spruce and Maple materials are used in string instruments as well.

Grounding part is processed into a curved shape. As a result, the entire weight of the amplifier is carried by only Maple wood. This design-choice is fundamental in controlling resonance and damping.

Maximum output100 W × 2 (4Ω)
Frequency response10 Hz – 30 kHz ±1dB (6Ω, 1W)
Harmonic distortion ratio0.02% (at 1 kHz, 80% output)
Input sensitivity, gain300 mVrms, 37.3 dB (at MAX volume, 6Ω, 1kHz, unbalanced input)
Line input terminalsXLR input : 2 RCA inputs : 3
Speaker terminal1
Power supply, other
Power voltage230V AC,50Hz
Electrical consumptionWith no signal : 18 W, during maximum output : 180 W (8 Ω, 100 Hz)
External dimensions430 mm (width) × 110 mm (height) × 375 mm (depth)
Weight9.0 kg
Included items
Power cord1
Operation manual1

* Due to improvements the above specifications and external appearance may be changed without notice.

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