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Adopts new vibration control function FC separate system

  • Adopted the ideal vibration control approach for audio, cultivated through development of flagship model CSR rack and various research.
  • Separate system in which shelves are sandwiched by spacers with different top and bottom shapes to improve the sense of separation between the shelves.
  • The spacers are made of two different cast irons, and the vibration suppression is tuned to the smallest detail. The best vibration suppression balance is achieved.

Design for every everyday scene

  • Adopting a natural and organic shape newly designed for CL racks.
  • Between music and daily life, three colors are offered to propose Confort.
  • A rigid shelf board that has been proven in load tests and can handle heavy weight classes.

Cast iron legs with height adjustment function

  • Uses cast iron knurled nuts that are installed on intermediate models and above.
  • The main body can be fixed and the height can be finely adjusted at the same time while maintaining vibration suppression. (Effective when there is rattling with the floor.)
  • It can be customized to the cast iron spikes & plates that are standard equipment in the XL series. Dramatically enhances the resolution of the mid-low range and the S / N of the high range.

Image quality improvement of visual theater by vibration suppression

  1. Thanks to the vibration damping effect of TAOC, not only the sound quality but also the image quality and clarity have been dramatically improved.
  2. TAOC damping is effective not only for Blu-ray players and AV amplifiers, but also for improving image quality
    • Improves sound quality resolution and S / N.
    • Improves the clarity of image quality.
  • Support: Φ30mm aluminum
  • Shelf: High density MDF (21DF) + special coating
  • Legs: Cast iron + cast iron knurled nut


  • Prop: Black matt paint
  • Shelf
    : Dark gray metallic DG : Dark brown metallic DB
    : Light purple (S Type only) LP
  • Legs: Black
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