Insulators lift your audio equipment to the next level

TAOC’s insulators use three different types of cast iron: gradation, high-carbon, and advanced high-carbon cast iron.The affinity of the vibration damping performance of these materials with sound quality has been recognized by various audio manufacturers, and they have found their way into the legs of many high-end record players and amplifiers. Use these insulators to give your audio equipment an upgrade, or to tune your system to make its sound uniquely your own.

These are TAOC’s top-of-the-line insulators and come in sets of spikes and plates.
Featuring a combination of advanced cast iron and high-carbon cast iron, and through meticulous scrutiny of its shape, these insulators provide both resolution and poise calmness.

[Advanced high-carbon cast iron]
High-carbon cast iron was further evolved using TAOC’s unique manufacturing method (patented).
This is TAOC’s new material that maintains excellent attenuation properties while providing hardness that outperforms that of other materials.

  • Set of four
  • H12 mm x 50mm diameter
  • Weight : 155 g per insulator
  • Advanced High-carbon cast-iron
  • Finish : Urban gray