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These shapes were carefully designed for smaller speakers, and offer a harmonious design that also provides support for small audio systems. You can also change the orientation of the spikes to enjoy changes in tonal quality, making them a great way to tune your audio to your preference.

Insulator grip sheet included

30mm diameter for a set of four
40mm diameter for a set of four
Material: Urethane resin
This grip sheet delivers excellent gripping and helps to achieve stability and positioning.

Using different spike orientations, you will get different sounds depending on whether you place the spike pointing up or down. This will also affect the insulators’ affinity with your equipment so choose the orientation you prefer.

  • Set of four
  • Weight : 170 g per pair
  • Spike: H16 mm×35mm diameter
    High-carbon cast-iron
  • Spike plate: H10 mm×45mm diameter
    Advanced High-carbon cast-iron
  • Spike & Spike plate: H 21 mm
  • Finish : Urban gray
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