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Adopts a new structure that sandwiches the vibration damping sheet on the shelf

  • Effective vibration control is realized by including a vibration control sheet inside the shelf.
  • Dramatically improved vibration damping and improved sound quality of upper class.
  • Elegant form and design based on wood grain.

Adopts new vibration control function FC separate system

  • Adopted the ideal vibration control approach for audio, cultivated through development of flagship model CSR rack and various research.
  • A new structure that sandwiches the shelves with spacers with different top and bottom shapes to improve the sense of separation between the shelves.

New design cast iron spikes & plates

  • A new spike and plate is used to dramatically improve the resolution of the mid-low range and the S / N of the high range.
  • A machined spike that provides stability and vibration damping properties and makes use of the texture of cast iron.
  • Spike plate reminiscent of a grand piano insulator.
  • The plate is designed to have a deep receiving shape to prevent it from slipping off during lateral movement.

Image quality improvement of visual theater by vibration suppression

  1. Thanks to the vibration damping effect of TAOC, not only the sound quality but also the image quality and clarity have been dramatically improved.
  2. TAOC damping is effective not only for Blu-ray players and AV amplifiers, but also for improving image quality
    • Improves sound quality resolution and S / N.
    • Improves the clarity of image quality.
  • Post: Φ30mm, aluminum
  • Shelf: High density MDF (21DF) + special coating
  • Legs: High carbon cast iron + cast iron knurled nut


  • Prop: Black matt paint
  • Shelf: Dark wood WD
    : Light wood WL
  • Legs: Black
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