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The company was founded in 1994, and its starting point was the integrated amplifier VP-300BD equipped with a direct-heated triode 300B. The VP-300BD has been a long-seller for 22 years, until its sales ended in 2016, fulfilling its mission as the face of Triode. In 2019, Triode celebrated its 25th anniversary in a quarter of a century. At that milestone, we planned and developed the TRZ-300W as a model to replace the VP-300BD and take over the origins of our founding. Inside, the circuit format is the same Class A Para-Single, but other than that, we reviewed the entire configuration of the entire parts layout, transformer, housing, etc. Enjoy the enchanting sound of the 300B with the TRZ-300W, which has evolved with the history of the triode.

A powerful power supply that supports graceful and powerful sound

The charm of the 300B is its rich, transparent, and beautiful sound, and its supple sound with its delicate resolution. We adopted a class A parallel single output stage circuit configuration that provides sufficient output to drive a variety of speakers while maintaining its appeal. The output is 20W + 20W, so you can fully enjoy the wonderful sound of the 300B. We also have a PSVANE WE300B specification equipped with a vacuum tube PSVANE WE300B that reproduces the quality of the original 300B vacuum tube of yesteryear.

A powerful power supply that supports powerful sound

The quality of the power supply is extremely important to maximize the beautiful sound of the 300B vacuum tube and to fully enjoy the hot energy of music. A large toroidal transformer is used as the power transformer. In addition, SiC Schottky barrier rectifier diodes with quick response and low loss are used as rectifying elements. Combined with the toroidal transformer, it realizes an efficient, powerful, and quick-response power supply.

Easy bias adjustment while checking with a meter

Bias adjustment is necessary to keep the tube working optimally when the tube is replaced or used for a long period of time. The bias meter laid out in the center of the front panel of the TRZ-300W makes it easy to check the bias current. There is a bias selector and a bias adjustment volume on the top of the chassis. While checking the bias current of the vacuum tube selected with the bias selector on the meter, you can easily adjust the bias adjustment volume to the optimum value.

MAIN IN input terminal that can also be used as a power amplifier

The TRZ-300W is a pre-main amplifier, but it can also be used as a power amplifier with a simple switch. The rear panel has a MAIN IN input terminal and its ON/OFF switch. When the switch is turned on, the signal input to the MAIN IN jack bypasses the input selector and volume and is sent directly to the main amplifier circuit. You can enjoy it as a stereo power amplifier for 300B vacuum tubes.

Beautiful stainless steel chassis and aluminum top plate

In the TRZ-300W, the sharp contrast of black and silver creates a fearless design. A solid aluminum front panel with a black hairline finish, four elegant 300B vacuum tubes, and three large transformers with a glossy black paint finish are placed in the back, all supported by a beautifully shining stainless steel chassis. An 8mm-thick aluminum cutting top plate is attached to the top surface of the three large-sized transformers to reduce the vibration of the transformers and improve the heat radiation effect.
Triode hum canceling circuit that eliminates troublesome adjustments

Direct-heated triode amplifiers have noise called hum noise, in which the 100V power supply frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz is directly superimposed on the music signal. In conventional direct-heated triode amplifiers, it was necessary to cancel this with a manual circuit called a hum balancer, but this unit uses a unique THC (triode hum canceling) circuit to make it maintenance-free.

Convenient remote control attachment

It comes with a remote control that can be operated from a distance. Input switching, volume up/down, and muting operation are possible.

KT88 AB class push-pull ended integrated amplifier

Circuit systemKT88 AB class push-pull ended integrated amplifier
Maximum output35W+35W (8ohms)
Frequency response10Hz-100kHz(-1,-4dB)
S/N ratio90dB
Input sensitivityLINE 400mV , MM 2.5mV
Input impedanceLINE 100k ohm , MM 47k ohm
Input terminalsRCA unbalanced*3(LINE1-3) , MM*1
Output terminalsTAPE OUT*1
Speaker output terminals6 – 8 ohms
Headphone output6.3mm stereo jack
Equipped componentsKOA high precision resistors (Japan),High quality coupling capacitors,High quality speaker terminal (USA)
Other functionsRemote control (Volume , Mute)
AccessoriesTube cover , Wooden side plates , Remote control
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