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TRV-88SER is a product which added slight improvement, remote control function and MM phono equalizer to popular TRV-88SE.TRV-88SE uses an integrated trans cover, but leakage from the power transformer has been improved by making it separate in this machine. Of course, it is a product with superior cost performance that exercises AB class 45 W + 45 W output as it is while maintaining the power that drives a low efficiency speaker strongly. This machine attractively reproduces the energy of mid-low range, which is a feature of KT 88, and the sound quality charm is exhausted to driveability to faithfully reproduce jazz and contemporary pops etc.

Circuit type: KT88 AB class push-pull Integrated Amplifier

Used vacuum tube: <output stage> KT88 × 4 <first stage> 12 AX 7 × 1 <driver stage> 12 AU 7 × 2

Rated output: 35 W + 35 W (8 Ω)

Frequency special: 10 Hz to 100 kHz (-1, -4 dB)

S / N ratio: 90 dB

Input / output terminal: MM 1 line, 3 lines of LINE (front 1, back 2), 1 tape out (recording)

Input sensitivity / impedance: 400 mV / 100 kΩ, MM 2.5 mV / 47 kΩ

Speaker output terminal: 6 Ω, 8 Ω

Equipped with headphone output terminal (vacuum tube circuit)

Bias method: fixed bias

Remote control function: volume control, mute

KOA high accuracy resistor use

High quality coupling condenser

USA high quality speaker terminal use

Power consumption: 100 W at no signal, 220 W at maximum output

Size: width 345 × depth 320 × height 185 mm

Weight: 17 kg

Accessory: Remote control, vacuum tube cover, power cable