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TRX-3 is the successor to the TRX-2 preamplifier and uses ECC83 (12AX7A) made by Slovakia JJ as the vacuum tube. Combined with the PSVANE WE274B direct heat rectifier tube, it achieves a more attractive sound quality. In terms of functionality, the popular 4-band equalizer that can finely control the tone is carried over from the TRX-2. You can get closer to the ideal audio environment by adjusting it according to the reverberation characteristics of the room. It is also effective in adjusting low-frequency characteristics that tend to be lacking at low volume levels, such as at night. The remote control function allows volume adjustment, input switching, mute, ON/OFF of the 4-band equalizer, and left/right balance adjustment on the front panel. In addition to having balanced terminals for input and output, there are also two unbalanced outputs, which can be used for bi-amp driving.

Circuit systemPre amplifier
Frequency response10Hz-100kHz(±2dB)
S/N ratio97dB
Input sensitivityLINE250mV/MM2.5mV
Input impedanceLINE 100k ohm, PHONO(MM)47k ohm
Output impedance700 ohm
Input terminals5 (PHONO(MM) , LINE 1-3 , BALANCE)
Output terminals3 (RCA unbalanced*2 , XLR balanced*1)
Equalizer control frequency150 , 400 , 2k , 10kHz±6dB
Other functionsBalance control , Low cut filter for PHONO
Power consumption40W
AccessoriesTube cover , Wooden side plates , Remote control
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