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The TRX-P300S is the 15th generation product as an amplifier that uses the directly heated triode 300B, which is the origin of the name “Triode” in the 25-year history of Triode. The 8W+8W output is achieved with a simple Class A single circuit configuration that honestly conveys the rich musical sound of the 300B. A large toroidal power transformer and a SiC Schottky barrier rectifier diode provide a highly efficient and responsive power supply that strongly supports the elegant sound. A bias meter is equipped on the top surface, and the bias can be easily adjusted with the bias adjustment volume. In addition, the original THC (triode hum cancellation) circuit has been adopted to eliminate the need for manual hum balance adjustment.

This unit is a power amplifier, but it can be switched to an amplifier with a volume control with the switch on the back. Although it has only one input, it can also be used as a simple pre-main amplifier.

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