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Waversa WCore 2.0 -Roon Core Audiophile Server

Indeed the WCORE v2 pushes the musical data through the computer network so that they are received by the Roon playback service (Roon Bridge) now integrated in many audio streamers.WCORE v2 also integrates a 4-port RJ45 network switch, totally isolated and filtered, clocked by precision clocks. It is powered by a battery, therefore separate and protected from fluctuations in the electrical network often polluted by power lines and Linky meter. The concept of WCORE v2 is quite simply unique in the global hifi market.

WCORE v2 The best of analog in the service of digital

Listening to the Waversa WCORE v2 transposes the level of musicality to a height of quality absolutely unsuspected on digital audio files. A big step closer to the analog ideal, the ultimate goal to be achieved with all excellent digital audio reproduction systems. The Waversa WCORE v2 is intended for the most ambitious Hifi systems where the climax is put on the absolute naturalness of the restitution.WCORE v2 is a no compromise solution.

I3 processor
Fan Free Silent operation
1 slot for 2.5″ SSD
Roon Core Server for Built-in SSD Storage and External NAS
DLNA Media Sever for built-in SSD Storage
Service as DLNA / AirPlay Renderer for WDAC / WStreamer compatible WNDR protocol
Battery operated 4x Ethernet ports

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