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Greatly improved software reliability

A router is the heart of the system and needs to be stable because it is a product that needs to operate for a long time.Long-term testing of WRouter in adverse network environments has shown excellent stability.With high hardware specifications, software can be optimized and laid out intuitively such as Router, Switch, Hot spot, etc. in order to apply to various environments, and even beginners can change network settings with one click.

Enhanced WNDR (Waversa Network Direct Rendering) – A Dedicated Protocol

Until now, WNDR was a fixed function, but we have updated it so that users can select and use WNDR Level. It is possible to set a higher level than before, and it can be flexibly changed and used according to the network conditions. The lower the value of WNDR Level, the better the noise control capability, but for stability, it is necessary to minimize the spacing between WNDR connected devices and consider cables. If the connection distance is too long and stable connection is difficult, increase the WNDR level. Replaced TCXO with 4 locations (audio, USB, network)The sound quality has been greatly improved by replacing the clock. As a result of sound quality verification for several days by HiFi Club, it is evaluated that all parts from the part related to sound imaging to the tone color and dynamic range are improved. This clock upgrade will result in a significant cost increase and a higher final shipping price.

Built – in Switch Hubbattery based ports x4
normal ports x3
WAN port x1
Power SystemBuilt-in LinearPower Supply
Operating SystemCustomized Linux 4.4.0
Core Processor1GHz ARM CORTEX-A9 Processor
Main Memory1GB
AC Input110 / 220V Selectable inside switch
Dimension350 x 200 x 45 (W x L x H)
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