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“W Slim-LITE” is about the size of a small laptop computer and covers all aspects of function and sound quality.

Equipped with eight PPBTL power amplifiers for each of the left and right channels, it has the power to drive low-impedance speakers, and the harmonic information of the vacuum tube amplifier is reproduced in ultra-high definition with the latest digital technology “WAP / X”, making it warm. You can enjoy the sound of the vacuum tube clearly.

In terms of functionality, it is equipped with optical digital, coaxial digital, USB, Ethernet, and FM tuners, and can reproduce input from a wide variety of devices with high sound quality.

By connecting to a LAN cable, it supports not only DLNA but also ROON, a state-of-the-art network solution, and anyone can easily enjoy network playback.

You can easily enjoy FM radio with high sound quality. Equipped with FM radio tuner for BGM playback.

  • Network playback standard, DLNA
  • The latest network audio system, ROON

You can enjoy music easily and conveniently by operating your smartphone.

WSlim-LITE Technology

16 power amplifiers (Parallel Parallel Bridge Tied Load Amplifier)

The circuit is configured to output 80W by connecting 16 digital amplifiers with 5W output by PPBTL (Parallel Parallel Bridge Tied Load) method.

A maximum of 80W (RMS) per left and right channel is used by inputting a positive phase signal to one amplifier and an anti-phase signal to the other amplifier and connecting them to the + and-terminals of the speaker using the bridge method. Stable and uniform amplification is possible even at volume.

With this amplifier, low-impedance speakers can also be supported, and excellent sound quality can be obtained even with speakers with large impedance changes.

Sound source data restoration technology – Huge data processing of 24Bit / 1.5MHz

The excellent sound quality of WSlim-LITE comes from WAP.

The newly developed WAP has a huge amount of data to process.
Internal signal processing has been upgraded to allow data processing at 24 Bit / 1.5 MHz from the previous 24 Bit / 368 kHz.

This enormous amount of data processing generates a digital signal close to analog, and restores the missing digital sound source data for further refinement.

It has a positive effect on the sound, dramatically improving the sound quality by expanding the dynamic range, reinforcing the details, and expanding the stage feeling.

Reproduce the tone of a vacuum tube – WAP / X (Waversa Audio Processor Extension)

Digital technology has reproduced the characteristics of a tube amp that is deeply loved for its warm tone.

The technology adds a sense of overtone volume with WAP / X and WAP, and realizes a transparent and warm vacuum tube tone.

The WAP / X algorithm is a digitally reproduced technology that is designed to be upgraded with future firmware updates.

Monocoque body structure for high sound quality

WSlim-LITE stands out compared to products in the same price range because it differs from the chassis design.

With all-in-one products in this price range, it is usually not possible to manufacture the entire chassis from aluminum.
The reason is the dramatic increase in manufacturing cost and the high difficulty of processing.
However, W Slim-LITE adopted a cutting monocoque chassis, and the interior was designed to be completely divided.
This effect suppresses noise and vibration that deteriorate the sound quality, and greatly contributes to high-quality sound reproduction.

Speaker output (banana plug compatible)


  • Ethernet: DLNA, Roon Ready, WNDR
  • USB-B: PCM 24Bit / 384kHz
  • USB-A: Extension
  • Coaxial: 192kHz
  • Optical: 96kHz
  • FM Tuner: 88-108MHz

Amplifier rating
80W / ch, (8 PPBTLs per channel (16 in total))

IPS display, Waversa Systems new UI

Power supply

W300 x D190 x H20 mm

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