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“The G1.1 breathes purity, clarity, and control without unnatural edge or that awful leanness that accompanies poorly done digital replay…I’m going to stick to purity as a defining characteristic of the ARIES G1.1 because all of the music I experienced through it had this quality. From dead silence, to a whisper, to an all out sonic assault, there was no sign, no sonic fingerprint of the ARIES G1.1 resounding around the Barn to detract from the power of the music in play….I rank the Auralic ARIES G1.1 right up with the best performing digital transports to have come through the Barn. If you’re looking for a very full featured streamer that checks all of the right boxes in terms of what we want a streamer to do, the ARIES G1.1 belongs on your audition list.”

Full review on Twittering Machines

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