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Weiss new software for Series 5

For our Series 5 units (the DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502) we just released a new software which includes a so called “crossfeed” algorithm for headphone listening. Crossfeed means that part of the left channel is also brought to the right channel and vice versa. This generates a more speaker-like listening experience, as with speakers our ears get the signals from both speakers channels. With headphones this is not the case and thus the Crossfeed feature comes to the rescue. There are tracks with extreme left / right panning resulting in a strange experience when listening with headphones. With the Crossfeed algorithm such tracks become pleasant to listen to.

Series 5 units can be freely updated with that latest software. Use the web interface to do so.

Also read the excellent DAC502 review in Stereophile:

Recently we managed to activate again the Gracenote service on our MAN301 units. Gracenote is the leading database when it comes to CD metadata. With the MAN301 it allows to maintain the metadata of your valuable library of audio tracks, even when it comes to “difficult” classical music collections. Also when ripping CDs Gracenote is of great value.

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