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Linn Selekt Sondek LP12 Turntable Review by StereoNET

Michael Evans auditions the latest, mid-range version of this iconic British transcription turntable…

Linn Selekt Sondek LP12 wins Applause Award

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Sound Gallery is hosting an event at Monards 101 Collins St on November 23rd 2023

Linn’s CEO Gilad Tiefenbrun will be there to take you on a musical journey as you listen to some of the most legendary artists played in exceptional quality on Linn’s new flagship 360 speakers.

You’ll also hear some of your favourite vinyl like you’ve never heard it before – on the iconic and rare LP12-50 turntable. Designed in collaboration with Sir Jony Ive to mark Linn’s 50th anniversary, there are only 250 of these pieces in the world.

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