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An Evening of Music & Timeless Luxury

Sound Gallery, in collaboration with Monards, hosted a spectacular event An Evening of Music & Timeless Luxury at Monard’s flagship store at 101 Collins St, Melbourne. This exclusive gathering demonstrates a harmonious blend of cutting-edge audio technology and opulent timepieces. Taking center stage at the event was Gilad Tiefenbrun, the CEO of Linn, presenting the renowned and exclusive Sondek LP12-50 turntable. This limited edition serves as a genuine testament to Linn’s unwavering dedication to unmatched audio quality paired with Selekt DSM dual mono streamer and the all-new 360 active loudspeakers. Our guests had an immersive experience that seamlessly combines the worlds of precision engineering and excellence.

The LP12-50 stands as a tribute to Linn’s 50th anniversary. Crafted in partnership with Sir Jony Ive, the former senior vice president of industrial design and chief design officer at Apple. Limited to just 250 units worldwide, this special edition turntable embodies a unique collaboration between Linn and the visionary mind behind Apple’s design legacy.

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Monards provided an opportunity to admire the watches on display, recognizing the meticulous design and meticulous attention to detail. It served as a jubilant celebration of the flawless integration of luxurious timepieces and cutting-edge audio equipment. “An Evening of Music & Timeless Luxury” proved to be an indelible sensory experience, offering a tantalizing peek into the intersection of high-end audio technology and the refined world of luxury watches.

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